Kojo Antwi and Accomodation in Ghana

Yesterday, we meet up with our landlord for a discussion along the lines I laid out the other day in this post. The discussion gets a bit heated and we differ on if the current dollar-rate has changed the price structure in Ghana - we know for sure our wages have not climbed with the dollar!

Our landlord however defends his dollar rent (which of course is his perogative, only who can pay what he asks?) and keep referring to that we can call "Mr Antwi" who will back his claims.

I can for my life not understand why we should call the famous Ghanaian popmusician Kojo Antwi for opinions on accomodation prices, but let it pass as I dont want to irritate our landlord further.

Only this morning, when my husband had recieved a call from the real estate agent who two years ago brokered this house to us, I understand that he was the "Mr Antwi" intended. Not the popsinger.

Sometimes knowledge make us more stupid.

Pic: A cartoon of named singer borroed from his website.


Oluniyi David Ajao said...

Unless your income streams in US Dollars, run away from any landlord who insists on rents priced in USD. Afterall, the legal tender in Ghana is Cedis and not USD.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

In this case we have no option, but to run away. We aint got the dollars!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if he insists on you guys paying $ instead of cedis in GH, well thats a problem. Silly Landlord.

For a minute, I actually believed he wanted you guys to call Kojo Antwi...got me thinking, hes out of his mind for real (wanting dollars and asking you to call celebs) Ha ha, call Mr. Antwi.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Anon, that's what I thought too...wow, this guy has really lost it...Kojo Antwi...Haha. I even thought to myself, "we should call Kojo Antwi because he lived abroad and therefore has plenty of dollars?". My bad.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

So sorry about this situation, but I am proud that you find some humour in the gloom. You'll be fine.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Thanks NY. Please keep me in mind if you hear about any house for rent!

sarah said...

I would of course offer you our (nearly completed! whoo!) house but it is massive & therefore a equally massive pricetag... I did ask Rome for you but he wants lots & lots of cedis... Keep an eye out for him next week, or rather the week after (as he'll be in Benin first, he'll be in accra for about 4 days before he returns here & has promised me to take it easy and relax a little. sxxx

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