Ghana's Wonderful Fantasy Coffins

This is how I with to leave this world. Carefully put to my last rest in hot, red chili fruit. Remembered like a fiery person.

The only country in this world where funderals are "celebrated" (more on that here) and where my wish could be executed (pun not intended) is my hot and fiery home country, Ghana. But, maybe it doesn't have to be a chili, I can also choose a Coke Bottle, a Sardin Jar or a larger-than-life (I can't help myself!) mobile phone.

More on Ghana's exquisite sculpture coffins, sometime called fantasy coffins, here, here , here and here (the last from the National Museum of Funeral History, the second last from!) I can also really recommend this coffee table book on the topic.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Nice. I like your eye for simple, moving stories.

These coffins so fascinate me. The first time I saw a fantasy coffinmaker at work, I was so thrilled out of my senses.

Combining the morbid with such 'tasteful' art is ... well, soome art, no?

Miss Footloose said...


What a fun piece -- about funerals no less! It's symbolic about the Ghanaian character, I think. And yes, a hot pepper coffin would be great. Have not seen that one before. Enjoyed looking at the pictures on the links and I have seen the real things in Teshi, of course.

novisi said...

i love pepper!

a meal without pepper is a zero for me!

but this one! i'm not sure!


sarah said...

nigerian funerals are also celebrations - at least the ones I've been to. When I was 20 my then boyfriend took me to his uncle's funeral for our third date. I thought he was slightly crazy when he told me what we were doing but it turned out to be a great party & I was told that they celebrated the life of the person rather than mourn it. Very non-swedish! but kind of nice.

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