April in Paris?

Chestnuts in blossom?
Since Thursday, I have been sleeping, drinking juice, blowing my nose, sleeping etc. trying to get well from a mean cold. This is not what spring in Paris was supposed to be. A not so small comfort is that on Monday I finally bought "Da Vinci Code" - I must be the last one to read it. Anyway, I decided to get it en francais - and now I have had plenty of time to learn about the holy graal/sang royal as well as use the dictionary to learn word such as voûte-arch, lanière - thin strap, agenouillé - knelt. As soon as i am well, I'm off to Saint Sulpice to check out some suspicious stones.

Orthodox Easter

Party for two straight days, whew! *hides in room*
The Greeks celebrate the orthodox easter according to the Julian calender (read: one week too late) by going to church and retrieving the fire from Jerusalem. The fire is then carried home - we even brought it on the metro! This fire is used to burn a cross over the door for happiness the rest of the year. After that is is time to break the fast!

Happy easter!

Leaving Paris for Zürich, Switzerland...

Snowy mountains, Zürich See, the Botanical Garden, and me and my beau.

Chirac is blue

Wow, Chirac and Villepin just announced they are replacing the much disliked (to say the least after two months of "manifs") law with other measures - that is there is no more CPE. Intresting turn to this whole story. I'll get back to you later with the reactions here in Paris.

Enjoy statistics!

Are statistics boring? Change your mind at Gapminder, a Swedish non-profit organization working to make statistics available to as well as interesting for the public. As an intern at the OECD I know there is too much data being unprocessed and stocked away far from a possible audience of media, academia, and ordinary curious people.

Make statistics free!
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