Adidas Apologizes: Kente Is Our Inspiration

Do you remember the Adidas shoe which was marketed as "Kenta" style misrepresenting the West African Kente cloth that I wrote on here?

Fellow blogger Kwabena/GhanaHype today posted the reply he got from Adidas when complaining of their ignorance. The core of the message is
We regrettably made an error in the copywriting process when describing this shoe.
Read it in full here.

In the pic: A Kente weaver shows how to make Kente.


The pale observer said...

That's quite encouraging that they took the time to acknowledge their 'oversight'.

Wonder who they will compensate? :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture that you have there. It actually struck me that I have not seen a picture of a woman weaving kente before.

Other than that, great post!!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

@Borzobanton, thanks for reading my blog and looking at my photo. If you come back, you'll see women weaving Kente is just the beginning, here everything is possible!

@PO, maybe they will compensate the Ghana at 50 secretariat? jejeje.

KOB said...

Hi kajsa - thanks for posting the reply and thanks to Ghana blogging for getting the message across. This was not about money but about principals. Unfortunately the government of Ghana would not take heed of things like this and properly protect our heritage with laws etc. This will happen again and most people will just watch and get excited that a big company is exploiting our culture. Let us all speak up for the speechless.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

@KOB, I agree with you, this is important! and not for the money but for the recognition! Also, I think this is the type of issues where blogging can actually make a difference, as no multinational wants bad PR online.

Esi W. Cleland said...

Awesome! We have a voice:)

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