Post Election Thoughts

As the sun sets on the Ghanaian elections of 2008, here is my post election column for the Swedish newspaper AiP.

Although the brief text unfortunately is in Swedish only, the heading optimistically reads "Ghana visar vägen i Afrika" - in English "Ghana Shows the Way Ahead in Africa".

In the pic, the beautiful sunset over Tema/Sakumono beach yesterday evening.


[ ] dUke [ ] said...

Yeah we can show the way in many things but it doesn't mean a thing when we are broke, that's if you believe the new president... We just another HIPC country in the making. What kind of leadership can we provide when we cant sort out our economy;lets face it thats what really counts in the end.

Good blog by the way

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi dUke,

thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, have to check out yours! About Ghana's economy: well, these days what country isn't bankrupt? Democracy counts for something besides that in my opinion...

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