Plantain at Work

Now you might think I am all about fruits, well, that can't be helped, because here is my fruit story for the day.

Yesterday afternoon, I was in a meeting. After 30 minutes or so everything comes to a stand still, we are waiting for someone to bring us a document. Bored, I glance out the window and see some green leaves. To be a bit funny, I turn to one of the guys in the room and ask:
- Are you the one growing plantain out there?
With a straight face, he answers me:
- No, it is the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation!
Only in Ghana.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Lol. Very funny - the response.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

And so unexpected! My face, I am sure, was not straight at all...

One Fly said...

Hi Kajsa,
In the spirit of BAD
Outta the Cornfield has linked to you.

I enjoy your site. A former PCV in Ghana 77-79 you have a fun place to come and visit. tb

Oluniyi David Ajao said...

I can assure you the guy did not find it funny. He might have held his thoughts out of politeness.

NB. Your list of "Blogs in Ghana" is not complete. ;)

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi One Fly, glad to know you are reconnecting woth your Ghanaianness! I will come and visit!

David, how can you assume the suit I talked to had no sense of humor? He clearly wasnt growing anything, his nails were better manicured than mine!

The list has been given up for the benefit of the always accurate!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Love this post - "only in Ghana", as you say..!!!
Long live Ghana, I say..:)

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