Out of the Wardrobe

It is like it’s a personal hobby, a favorite pastime, no really, it’s a full-scaled lifestyle. The reinvention of myself and my life. New places, new people, new tasks, new topics. I can’t help myself!

This time it’s a new job involving, not surprisingly, an array of concepts and tasks completely new to me. It is frightening to dive into a world of marketing, revenue, search engine optimization, programming and managerial duties.

But the thing is I love it and I simply thrive. I devour books about my new field (right now fittingly The Search – How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture by John Battelle), schedule meetings with people who know marketing/programming/sales and use my people and meeting skills from my past to glue it all together.

I seem to specialize not in Political Science or any other topic, but in change and along with it adaptation. Judging from recent years’ talks about a globalizing and everchanging world, I guess I am very lucky to swing this way.

Now back to my book.


Maya said...

That's a very admirable lifestyle/hobby. Imagine the stories you'll be able to tell in ten, twenty or fifty years time!

Sijui said...

Kajsa, I hope you get the opportunity to attend TEDAfrica in Cape Town this year.

From what I've heard and read, it seems to be the pulse of what's happening in the creativity and innovation fields of the continent.

Lot's of great and very inspiring people :)

That's great that you're adding your quota to the Technology community in Ghana and loving it!

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