How To Carry A Child On Your Back - Ghana Style

Since my last post I have tried to find a site that explains how to tie a child with a cloth on your back the way EVERYONE does it here. I (and others with me) have searched, but found very little on the simplest of baby carrying systems. The answer was of course YouTube. This is what I've found!

This lady does the tying just like they would here in Ghana. Just a pointer, the tying up top is more a fold, like you would to hold up a towel. Below, it crosses twice and then gets folded in, this way, the baby's weight secures the arrangement. Sometimes the baby's arms are tied into the cloth, that way he or she can't move much and will go to sleep in a jiffy.

I dedicate this post to Clara and Leja in Sweden, now I think you can do it!


Sijui said...

absolute life saver, absolute life saver!!! I remember when I first started practising how to carry my daughter on the back with 'cloth' in Kenya we call it "khanga", and at 4 months she was both unimpressed and terrified :)

Then when my elderly aunt came to stay with us for a year to assist with child rearing, she taught me the technique and being the 'expert' herself converted my little one almost overnight :)

Two weeks ago when rushing through Dubai enroute to Nairobi with a fidgetey 2 year old in tow, I strapped my babe on the back all the way through except in plane and it was literally a life saver!

Long live the cloth, long live the khanga and the aunts, grandmothers who teach us how it's done :)

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Yes, long live the women who can teach this simple way of having a child close/transported south/out of the way/off the floor/go to sleep...

Hope you noted that I'm now also an Afrigator. Thanks for your comments, Sijui!

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