Happiness Is...

...a yellow sunflower swaying in the breeze.

In March I planted some sunflower sticklings about one inch high. I have almost forgotten about them since, but it seems the raining season has saved most of my flowers.

It is just so amazing that something can grow a meter and a half in two months. Seing it makes me happy.

Pic taken just outside my doorstep yesterday.


posekyere said...

Tack Kajsa,
I see you are on your way to becoming a successful farmer in Ghana.
Can you imagine yourself walking before millions of these beautiful flowers as they gently sway to greet your beloved presence in a gloriou farmland tilled to swedish prefection in the Afram Plains.
There you are the birth of Kajsa Chemicals Joldings.
Continue cultivating the spirit of happiness as you blog us to nirvana.

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