Dramatic Week: Nigerian Terrorist, Togolese Team Attacked and Oil Curse

This week passed really quickly.

I went back to work, now preparing for the spring semester. I had one friend leaving town (bye Uli!) and one coming back (Hi Tuuli!). It is somehow a big relief that the holidays are over and regular life and routines are back.

But as my personal life settled down, there were some shocking news this week that I'd like to comment on.

The Nigerian Terrorist
As I am sure you heard, a man was caught on board a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit, US with explosives. Some curious facts about this incident was that he was on the list of terrorists, the 550,000 names long list. I guess that list was too long, but that wasn't my point. He hid the explosives in his underpants and is therefore now called the "underpants bomber", but that wasn't my point. He was from Nigeria and started his journey in Ghana, but that wasn't my point either. Yesterday, in a discussion someone said American medias found it suspicious the terrorist bought his ticket in cash. Ha! Last time I bought a plane ticket in Ghana I t-r-i-e-d to pay with a credit card, but was refused. It seems like it is a forgotten fact that many parts of the world runs stricktly on cash. There are many other things to say about this thing, but I'll leave that to my fellow bloggers Oluniyi and Obed.

The Attack on the Togolese Soccer Team
The African Cup of Nations that is supposed to take off tomorrow, Sunday, got to a horrible start when the Togo national team was attacked in DRC Congo on their way to Angola. The bus driver was killed and at least two players plus two other people were injured, according to the BBC. They were supposed to play Ghana for their first match, but the team do not know yet if they can play the tournament at all. This was the main discussion yesterday night and our sympathies go out to our neighbors in Togo!

Investigations into the Ghanaian Oil Sector
The first investigations (?) into Ghana's new oil sector might lead to prosecution according to the Attorney General, Betty Mould Iddrisu. Fear has been raised many times that the financial blessings that come with a big oil find, might be a curse leading to the rich getting richer...Let's see, this investigation might be good news?

Hoping for less drama next week.

Pic: Closing the door to this week and stepping out into the next.


Oluniyi David Ajao said...

The attack on the Togolese team is very very shameful for Africa. To think that I was considering attending the tournament in Angola. I would have been in that town since Ghana and 3 other West African countries are there. With this shameful attack on the football team, I would have definitely regretted attending.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Well, lets be careful with the analysis - the attack was in DR Congo, NOT Angola. From the news, it seems the Togo bus was there in breach with directions from Angola.

Tuuli said...

Hi Kajsa! Glad to be back home!

Boo to bandits that ruin Africa's image. Yeay to accountability in government.

Obed Sarpong said...

Olu, the first line of your comment is unfortunate. I regret that the incident occurred at all, but a shame on Africa? No. What is important is that security is maintained. And let me ask: Will you say AbdulMutallab is a shame on Nigeria, or Africa? We must know how to categorise singular actions.

JuaNita said...

Kajsa, my question is..why in heaven's name would someone in their right state of mind allow Angola to host the Nations Cup? There are more stable countries willing to host..when will we ever learn?

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