Did I Dance with Kojo Antwi? Part II

He gestures for me to come up on stage, "Come!" and I feel myself letting go of my handbag, barely glancing over to see if my husband takes it for me and taking a few decisive steps onto - is this happening? - the stage. Kojo Antwi helps me up and seductively holds my hand and leads me to the center of the stage. While walking he says something like "Clap for Obruni" in his microphone. The crowd starts to cheer.

The crowd? THE CROWD? Oh my! Some 1000 pairs of eyes look at me, some are clapping and selected laughters suggest that some are expecting a funny performance including a dancing obruni, but luckily stage lights are blinding me somewhat, and we start to dance.

The music is good, I am wearing comfortable shoes and my favorite dress, I am dancing with the man of Rocklyn, Afrafranto and Odo ye de sin sika and we are all in this place out of love and empathy for Haiti.

What he looked like up close, this mysterious Mr Music man? I do not remember. Was he holding my hands? I don't remember. In the moment, I just decide to myself to enjoy the song, the dance, the moment of having so many individuals' attention.

It only fully hit me much later, when the concert was over and I was congratulated by a smiling husband, a crowd of acquaintances and friends, including students at Ashesi University, that Yes, I did dance with Kojo Antwi!



Miss Footloose said...

How much fun! Would have like to be there to see you.

All the eyes on you . . . it made me think of a the time - after I'd just arrived in Armenia - I was pulled onto the dance floor at our welcome party and I was supposed to dance.

And all the eyes were on me to see what I would do.

I didn't know how to dance Armenian style! And everybody knew it. I decided to just make a fool of myself rather than be a bad sport.

All those eyes on me! And I know I looked ridiculous not moving the right way, not waving my wrists up in the air in the right way. All those eyes on me!

I think I won their admiration for being willing to make a fool of myself.

Not the same story as yours, since I imagine all the eyes were on you because they were envious.

Hey, great fun for you! Great story to tell and memory to have!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Thanks for the story Miss Footloose - when you think of it it is actually too sad that many people are to self conscious to dance...Luckily you and I dont belong to that group!

Denise said...

Now I am even more sorry I missed the concert!

Maya Mame said...

Yes, pictures pleeease! Surely Hubby or friends must've captured the moment?

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