Holiday Season in Ghana or Afehyia Pa

As the Christmas spirit this year is all around, see for instance in the Ghanaian blogosphere Maya Maame telling us about how the elections stole the season last year here, Holli discovering some unorthodox decorations here and Esi working on her Ghanaian wish list here, I thought I'd add to the festivities with a song.

Originally, it was sung at the Goethe Institute Christmas party last week. "Afehyia Pa!" in the chorus means something like "May a Good Year Come to Meet Us!" And hrm, yes, that is yours true blogger second from left.


The pale observer said...

Hi Kajsa! Good to see you last night watching the XMas carols. I didn't know you were a singer :)

Thanks for the link to my wacky post about the funny decorations!

Maya Mame said...

Well done, I think I even hear your voice clearly through the others!

Thanks for the link too!

Yngvild said...

Wow, w'aye adie!! ;)

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

@PO and Maya Maame
You are welcome

Yoo, mate. Meda wo ase paa! Wo kuno, o' ho te sen? Afehyia paa o!

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