Ghana Recommendations: Tampico Island

I thought I'd recommend some Ghanaian favorites to you, my dear readers, over the next few weekends, starting with a drink.

Have you tried the new Tampico?

Tampico is a super sweet "juice drink" made in Ghana (but part of an American originated multinational company). Most probably it has more color and sugar in it than any fruit, but in this new version with the tantalizing name "Island", Tampico has really reinvented itself and gone from chemical sweetened mix to...Island drink!

The rich flavored yellow drink poured over a glass full of ice cubes - to dilute the sugar somewhat - surely makes a Sunday sweeter.

Pic: They should have let me do the marketing in Ghana...Photo from my backyard.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Does this new Tampico taste different from the original Tampico? I hated the original Tampico.

Nice job on the photo...I just realized you had a pineapple in the shot!

Yngvild said...

Yummy! Tampico is the best drink without carbonic acid I have ever tasted anywhere.

Gayle Pescud said...

I love Tampico, old and this new one. I always crave the orange one when I'm feeling down, but any time is good.

bathmate said...

nice posting. very good work. thank you. :)


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