CinemAfrica: African Film in Sweden

Tomorrow, CinemAfrica opens this year's African film festival in Stockholm, Ubuntu! According to the program 14 films will be shown. None of them are unfortunately from Ghana, but one from Senegal (Mother) and one about Liberia's President (Iron Ladies of Liberia). See the trailer on YouTube here.

Tickets for the festival can be bought at BioRio.

Interestingly, the Urban Africa Movement that I blogged about here is showcasing some of its photos during the festival.

Oh, I love all of this. I think I have to arrange a similar event in Tema.


gamelmag said...

The philosophy of Ubuntu fascinates me a lot."Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (a person is a person because of other people). It encapsulates Africaness in a single statement. May be you should consider it as a new name for your blog?

gamelmag said...

Ouch! Taken already!

Keyo/Urban Africa Movement said...

Actually, the Urban Africa Movement is not related to the page.

Urban Africa Movement now has it's own site:

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