Confused Blogging

Dear Reader,
I'm back to my first blog name "Rain in Africa" again.

Well, maybe the new name was implemented in a rush. Yeah, without me thinking about consequences of a name change, how it has to be discussed with you. But also its meaning...A new name has to be really good and self explanatory. I guess what I really wanted to do was to finding a name that captures the essence of my blog, something that says "I write about Ghana" (because really, I don't write much about Africa), then buy a domain so that you will have something like - simple and nice.

I have also been contemplating leaving blogger for the more advanced wordpress (org more likely than com), now that I spend so much time blogging and talking about blogging.

So, I am just temporarily going back to "Rain in Africa", soon I will migrate to something all again different. But the content will be, more or less, the same.

Any questions?

Suggestions also much welcomed, of course.


posekyere said...

I am one of those who loved the 'Urban Living' brand.
Since you write about Ghana, neither 'Rain in Africa' nor "Urban Living' really captures the Ghanaian content of your wonderful blog though.
Methinks 'Urban Living in Ghana' is a vibey caption and gives an idea of something Ghanaian and contemporary.
Keep the juices flowing, Kajsa!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Thanks for your comment Posekyere and for following my whims, haha. I really liked the idea of writing about Urban stuff, since it is far away from the rurality that is often connected to Africa. However I feel like the term 'living' is just too connected to home decor..? The quest goes on.

Raluca Pernes said...

Tricky, this one! But then, I think finding a label always is about finding a reasonable compromise. Maybe something along the lines of “Urbanite in Ghana”, “Tales of Urban Ghana”, or, slightly pretentious, but maybe not overly so, “Ghanaian Tales and Cityscapes”?

Dave Lucas said...

How about "Ghana Vibe" - simple, yet effective... I subscribe to your blog thru Google Reader and I enjoy your articles.

As for Wordpress, I've tried it and quite frankly I feel there's nothing a blogger can't do sith blogger! (And if you don't think os, please stop by my blog and have a look.) There's also Google's blogger-in-draft that allows participants to test-drive new features before they are released to the general public.

Nina said...

Ok. Uppfattat. No further questions

Faf said...

that way you wont have to change the name if you move. Plus if i understand correctly you dont only blog abount ghana but also abount Finland(?)

Flood in Accra

Let's face it, rain in Ghana will most likely cause a flood

Like a notice left on the door of a shop whose owner has just popped round the corner to grab a bite except in your case the corner is a more than a few hundred miles away... but no to worry; the tagline can be "be right back"

Whatever name you choose we'll be here reading. It's the content that counts

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi guys,

thanks for the great input. I am sleeping on it! I agree with some of you that ultimately it is the content that matters. Still, a simple title/URL couldn't hurt.

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