Water Problems in Ghana

Sitting here in efficient Sweden and reading about the things that grinds on my blogger friends' nerves, like water shortages. How can a country like Ghana, with so much water fail to provide its citizens with this important service?

When my husband and I moved into our first home in Ghana's harbor city Tema, one of the first things we bought were buckets to store water in for the days when the tap doesn't flow. Later I have come to understand that that is most days for those who live in Accra. How the capital can be worse equipped than other cities is another question for the leaders of the green country I now call home.

As it is now, entrepreneurs charge poor people large shares of their daily earnings for small bucket fulls of water. It should be the Government's highest priority to solve this problem, to make sure clean and safe water is provided to all.

Accra's serious water problems have been reported again and again, but nothing seems to change. Abena writes that there has been no water for a week. I don't want to think about what can happen when the distribution fails for more than a week...

In the pic, an empty swimming pool.


Abena said...

Thanks Kajsa! You eloquently described exactly what was grinding on my nerves. BTW; the water came back this past weekend. Still not sure what it was all about. The electricity is still mysteriously being turned off.I just wish someone would come forward and explain what is going on. Argghhh!!

Miss Footloose said...

Water problems, yes, I remember well! But at least you never get buried in snow... And of course there are many other advantages to living in Ghana. I lived there as an expat at two different times for a total of almost 8 years and loved it. One of my daughters was born in Accra. I am glad I found your blog because you have a positive attitude. (I'll put a link on my blog.) I'm a fellow European, hail from Holland, married to an American, and we've lived in a number of other countries as well. It's exciting to get to learn about other cultures and people. Good luck to you in Ghana!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi Abena! Thanks for inspiring me.

Miss Footloose, I look forward to exploring your blog! Thanks for your appreciative words and for noticing the positive angle. LIfe in Ghana is wonderful in so many ways. Let me know when you come around to visit :-)

Miss Footloose said...


I just may come and visit! I have good friends living in Accra and I'm a footloose person! I'll let you know.

Esi W. Cleland said...

We at Ashale-Botwe only get water once in two weeks so we fill all our buckets, basins, and polytanks. I think we've resigned ourselves to our reality. I don't even hope for flowing water everyday anymore.

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