Return to Ghana

Bronx Princess Trailer from Yoni Brook on Vimeo.

So, I have been back in Ghana for a few days and already experienced horrible traffic, ants crawling on me in my bed and power black-out(s) - as well as a lovely high-life concert, seeing friends and eating a lot of sweet-tasting tropical fruit(s).

Sometimes, especially when outside of Ghana, it is difficult to believe that I acctually do live here. It is hard to explain how life in Ghana is like, it is hard to remember what the heat feels like, what it means to be a foreigner here, how much one can miss foods and items just because they are not available. How wonderful it is to greet your wide-smiling neighbor.

I got a tip today about a documentary film, The Bronx Princess, about a girl in the US who goes to see her father The Chief in Ghana over the summer after graduation. The trailers available (I posted both above) look really promising, I wish I could see it (lucky people in Sweden can see the whole documentary here).

Without even knowing what the documentary is like, I am guessing it will be hard for the Bronx Princess to choose where to live when her summer comes to an end and how to explain her time in Ghana to people who havent been here yet.

ps. I love the music sung by Akua Taylor in the trailers. Ghana's next international star?


Cynthia said...

Interesting documentary. I'll have to see if I can find it. I think reading this blog is one of my personal favorites because you share things in a way that I can visualize it. I dated someone from Ghana and it was hard for me to get him to talk about it at times because I was SO interested and I wanted to see where he comes from and I think I get glimpses of that here. :)

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comments, one of the things that keep me writing in this space is the connections I make through it. I think life in Ghana is super-hard to explain, it takes a continous blog or a trip here...maybe you should see Ghana for yourself?

Abena said...

Interesting stuff Kajsa, Had never heard of the Bronx Princess documentary. Have to check it out!
I can somehow relate to being a foreigner in Ghana. Apparently, I don't look Ghanaian...well, at least I have been told that a million times. It does not help that I grew up outside of Ghana either.
I remember when I first got here, I kept being asked if I was an African-American that decided to adopt a Ghanaian name!! I may have lost the American accent over time but I'm still regarded as a bit of an oddity.

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