Swedish Moment

Just imagine my surprise as I drive to work and see a buss with a typically Swedish name printed accross it - Haglunds buss. Still with the Swedish phone number on it, this bus today serves the citizens of Accra rather than of Ljusdal, not far from where my father was born. It is just amazing how globalized trading is.

I have written earlier about European newspapers ending up in Ghana here.
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Yngvild said...

I've seen that one too :-) Funny.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Wow, that is funy. How's the weather in Norway? ;-) Keep im touch, dear Yngvild.

Adaeze said...

haha I'm not surprised!It's become more and more common to ship used buses/clothes/etc from Europe to Africa. You're right, it's amazing to see how globalized the world is..I myself have shipped 2 Toyota Hiace's from here to Nigeria..Unfortunately, a lot of Europe's garbage end up in Africa and it's a HUGE problem. I heard the Mafia is behind some organized transportation of garbage. They offer recycling companies to buy the garbage from them. I don't exactly understand how they make money on that..But I read your other post about it and you asked who is making money from it..I would guess its expatriate citizens? At least here, I know of at least 30 africans who ship minibuses etc to Africa..they make loads of money on it.They've "attacked" the market for used minibuses so hard that it's actually very difficult to find any used minibus now! It's quite interesting.

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