Ghanaian Food Surprise

I woke up on Monday to find a kiosk outside our wall, just next to the carport. A blue stall, common for selling Ghanaian fast foods had just appeared over night. Instantly, I felt a bit pissed off: this unauthorized tiny building had been erected right in my reverse turn radius, making getting out in the morning with my car much more difficult.

-Good morning! You must try my waakye!

The lady preparing and selling the fast food looks at me with a bright smile offering me some Ghanaian brown rice cooked with beans, waakye. I smile back. Maybe it is not all that bad having fast food available 10 meters from my front door.

Recipy for waakye here.

In the pic, people in line at another food stand.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

It is not bad if you do not mind the entire neighbourhood and passers-by lounging around your house waiting for their turn, and looking around for 'opportunities' as they wait. Not to talk about another 3 or so minutes you need to exit your car when you're already late for work or something else.

Camille Acey said...

If you don't enjoy it, I would love for her to move her waakye stand here to Slovenia! Mmmm!

The pale observer said...

These kiosks are so common they form part of the landscape in Accra! There are three on my street - or there were. A new neighbor moved in and had the hair saloon kiosk completely demolished overnight a couple weeks ago. Now the place looks empty, like something is missing! The other ones have big red paint from the AMA saying "REMOVE NOW!" because like 99% of the kiosks, they have no permit... of course the AMA uses this to extort bribes around the city daily.. anyway the one shop is general provisions and comes in really handy... like on a Sunday morning you get up to make breakfast and there's no eggs.. pop out the gate and 'voila'!!!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

I wish I had one nearby - if I want Ghanaian food, I have to make my own..!
Thanks for sharing the recipe, i'm going to try this at the weekend..:)

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