Offline Excitement

I am officially getting excited about the Ghanaian bloggers meet up Maya and I are organizing later this week (inspired by the meet up Petite Anglaise organized in April 2006 in Paris). There are so many creative and interesting storytellers out there, some which I read daily, all of them live and work not far from me - and soon I will get to see them face to face. Lately I have made several good friends out of my blog, so my expectations are rocket high!

Report will follow after the meet up!

Are you a blogger in Ghana who wants to attend? Drop me an email!


novisi said...

i want to be there once the wicked forces do not stand in my way!

what's your email? mine is

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

am back again. The email is ekbensah AT Pls check out as well. Am AG.President of Ghana Association of Journalists in ICT. Methinks we need a coalition. Might be a good idea to invite you to out meet-up next month...whadja think?

Enoch Darfah Frimpong said...

Hi, ekbensah hinted me about the Bloggers in Ghana stuff. Pls count me on board.

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