My Third Midsummer in Ghana

Today is Midsommarafton, one of Sweden's biggest holidays and just as all the other Midsummers in my life - it is celebrated! Here in Ghana the special feel of that "finally it is summer" is difficult to bring out since the tropical weather is constant, but the food and drinks and a few songs can be arranged. Also, I have been celebrating midsummer on the blog since I moved here:

2007 I spent midsummer with some Swedish friends in Accra.

2008 I hosted a big to-do in my garden with the Swedish diaspora that was here then (and later missed home anyways).

This year, it'll be a bit more low key.

A beer on the beach with a friend and a flower in my hair.

In the pic: A hibiscus flower in my garden.


Anonymous said...

We ate smoked salmon with new potatoes (from Sweden...) and green salad. But it´s too cold to eat outside.

Greetins from Helsinki!

Outi A.

Anonymous said...


how Scandinavian of you to celebrate midsummer! in a tropical country, that's just another day - we don't even know when it is!

old habits die hard, I suppose!

god feiring!

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