Kokrobite Beach Vacation

There's a beach just west of Accra called Kokrobite that seems so far from my everyday life of metro-boulot-dodo, but in geographical terms is not. This is where I spent this past weekend.

Kokrobite(some native English-speakers spell it Kokrobitey to underline the correct pronunciation, including the "e") is situated one hour from Tema, 30 minutes from Accra on a good day with little traffic around Mallam junction leading out west from Accra. This backpackers hide-out is complete with cheap accommodation (can wholly recommend Bah'doosh where I stayed this time), Rastafarians, palm trees, cold beer and a beautiful and crowded beach with a glittering and wavy ocean.

Everytime I go, I bring only a pair of flip-flops, a piece of African print that can make a dress or a wrap or a towel or a headgear, a flowy white cotton top to avoid sunburn and my colorful patchwork trousers (bought in Kokrobite last year)- all of which goes with a bikini and some beads around the wrists.

My husband and I also take a long the books we never get to read. In the mornings we have breakfast in the shade reading together, something that is terribly nerdy, I know, but just screams vacation to me. Swedish celebrity blogger Alexandra Pascalidou has made beach life her everyday life in Thailand for a couple of months. It should be possible to do the same in Ghana.

Some people might have ulterior and somewhat more "smokey" reasons to come to Kokrobite, but as for me I just find it relaxing without any additives. It is like I took a plane to vacation land. But I didn't. Did I say this place is an hour away from home?

Pic: This is how happy I feel on the beach.


Yngvild said...

So thats why I dont get to finish my books, no beach around... Jealous......

Guro said...

oh my GOD how I miss Kokrobite! And Big Millys Backyard. Reaggae night there is so cool ;)

Denise said...

Hey Kajsa, glad that you had a fabulous birthday. We were further along the beach, also for my daughter's party - the 'we' being me and 12 teenagers! Argh.
Agreed though Krokrobite is a cool get away from the everyday rigours of Accra

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Thanks for the comments, Denise you are a brave woman, alone with teenagers! Glad to hear you had a good time too.

Camille Acey said...

I was just reading about Barbara Bizovočar, a Slovenian woman who runs Barbara's village there in Langma, Kokrobite. Tell her I day "Pozdravljeni!" from Slovenia if you see her. :)

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