Kajsa at Work

So these days, I do go to work. My friends have asked me what it is I really do. Well, mostly I sit in front of a computer screen, but when I don't it looks like this.  

Pictures from this past weekend's WAPI festival in Accra.

Photo: Razak Mardorgyz Abubakar
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Anonymous said...

I just came across a site www.greenenergytv.com and looks like the founder has a special place in his heart for Africa.


Cynthia said...

Your job looks fabulous! I'm slightly envious (but in the good type of way).

Red is a good color on you! :)

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

That is the life, no? Sit down to the internet a bit, and then go out to meet all kinds of interesting people at interesting(?) events. Many people dream of such a work life.

Maya said...

Tjena snygging!

Jättefin i rött! Kan inte fatta att jag har missat ännu ett Wapi event. Nästa gång ska jag med!!!

The Evangelist said...

Hey there!

I am glad that I came across your blog!

I am in the U.S. and will be coming to Accra in November to serve the Lord and to start a nonprofit that will address the needs of women and children in Ghana! There are MANY U.S.-based organizations in Ghana that have done so much and I know that there is more that can be done!

Thank you for this blog!

I look forward to visiting your blog again!

Your sister in Christ Jesus!

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