Blogs in Ghana THE FULL LIST

Since some time back I have had a mission to draw together bloggers in Ghana. Reasons for this being a mix of sheer curiosity of the people behind the words and a vague feel of that we could maybe work together in some way.

So far my accomplice and myself have found 13 bloggers blogging out of Ghana. We have set up two fruitful meetings and the next one is planned for beginning of October. At the first bloggers meet-up, we decided to make it easier for you readers to find us, hence we now present the feeds collection Here you can find the most recent posts from all our blogs thanks to David.

Are you a Ghana blogger not included? Please send me an email!


Nina said...

Kajsa. The following is another Ghana-based blog as is

Regards, Nina

Damien Moran said...

Hi, good to find your blog. I leave Ireland for Ghana Oct. 16th and have started a blog to account for my preparations and experiences volunteering and travelling in the area. I'll be back soon to explore your blog more.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I notice most of your bloggers are in southern Ghana. I'm writing in the north:

I tried commenting a few weeks ago but think I messed something up.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi Tim, im glad your comment arrived this time. keep up your work in the north and lets have lunch next time you come down south!

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