Swedish Silence

I am leaving Ghana for my native Sweden for a few weeks on Saturday. I so much need the chilly wind of Sweden, refueling of Swedish foods, singing in Swedish, sleeping in silent Swedish nights and spending time with family and friends over there.

The past week and the current is busy with work and even though I started some ambitious posts they now lay dormant awaiting an end/a crucial link/a perfect picture (the Ghana bloggers will know what I mean).

So, I think I will chose to stay silent until I return from my trip. Hopefully I will be back relaxed, slightly less tanned with many stories and a renewed ability to finish posts.


Cynthia said...

Have a safe trip! Looking forward to some new posts!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Happy holiday, Kajsa. Come back with a bag full of Swedish inspiration and give us them wonderful posts.

ekbensah said...

bon voyage Kajsa!

Qué? said...

Surely it's been two weeks already! Hope you had a fulfilling, restful time. Looking forward to your next post.

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