Just Married

The last weeks' silence on the blog has a good explanation - I went and got married!
Our wedding was held here in Ghana complete with the early morning Ghanaian traditional engagement. We did the official ceremony at the Tema Municpal Assembly and had the reception in a seaside restaurant close by.

The stylish photographic evidence was taken by Mamarazzi.


Anonymous said...

Having read your postings on the state of sambohood I never imagine that you were also a believer in the old-age institution.
Once tied be tied forever and best wishes for the two of you.


Kajsa Hallberg said...

Dear Stephen,
I am indeed a believer! Maybe I will post more on the topic of marriage when I have a few months of experience from it...

Anonymous said...

great happy marriage

Anonymous said...

So you did it, my blog friend. What more is there to say. You have boarded the train of romance and togetherness. There is nothing more to say than to wish you a good journey. Congrats and hopefully your reporting would not suffer as a result of the increased commitment to the beloved.

I got you a few more Ghana blogs. My wedding present, if you will.
Both these bloggers are married to Ghanaians, by the way
Kwasi Appiah

Maya said...


Har kollat in din blogg lite da och da, det kanns som att det vore kul och traffas, lite gemensamma namnare verkar vi ju ha. Kolla in min blogg och se om du haller med.

Grattis till brollopet!

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