Ghana Blogs Gone Fishing

Today, I thought I'd add a long and interesting list of all blogs currently written in Ghana. But I found only three active ones (Teaching in Ghana is so well written and still relatively current), see the right hand side bar bwlow. I know there must be more bloggers in Ghana, where are you?


Yngvild said...

Wow. Hi. How long have you been there? Im sorry we didnt know abt eachother. Would have been great to have a fellow scandinavian once in a while! good luck! how long are u staying and where are you staying? And varfor skriver jag på engelsk? :)

Anonymous said...

Since I read yours religiously I thought you might want to know a few of those I read too:
There is more. Let me know if you need the whole list
K Appiah

Kajsa Hallberg said...

I do! I mean i do need the whole list, how did you find all of these? Me da wo ase!

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