Driver's Licence News

On Thursday I wrote the theory exam for the third time.

For some reason, the test was scheduled to take place in the new buildings for the licencing authorities instead of in a school as the other times. When we get there and some 35 of us are ushered into a unfinished concrete block, no windows or doors put in, no tables and chairs, animals grazing outside, it is like they know I am hoping to get a blogpost out of this experience.

And it only gets better: the crafty driving instructors help the licencing folks to carry benches into the "room" and soon they have also found a few tables. Women clean them with their hankies and quietly take their seat. We sit three and three on a bench and after 20 minutes everybody also have a table or a hardback book for writing support.

The licencing officer gives instructions on a woodboard someone found outside and a nice breeze comes through the, erhm window-openings.

After 30 minutes I am done. Hoping I have done the writing for the very last time I pass a rooster on my way out.

So Yesterday, I call my driving school and finally get some good news - I have passed. Now, my instructor says in a happy voice, all you have to do is to wait for your practical exam date. And so this morning I get a call from the licencing office:
- Madam, April 16th at 8 am you have your practical test.
I don't know if to laugh (because I have gotten this far) or cry ( wait seven weeks more...).

What do you think? Will I ever obtain my Ghanaian driver's licence? Comments go below.


EM said...

gumman! det är ju helt galet! men ändå så klockrent, tuppar, öppna fönster och frågor på baksidan av en träskiva!

ja en dag kommer du ha tagit körkortet men tills dess skulle jag vilja att Freja lånar ut sina körskoleböcker så att du åtminstone vet hur man kör säkert (med svenska mått!)

kram tills vi ses, E

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