Those of you who know me well have maybe come to know I love taking pictures. I also love showing them to people...unfortunately everyone seems to be really tired after like 10 pictures. Why is that? Anyways, there are a few exceptions to the rule. The most prominent exeption being that when you are travelling people have more patience for watching my pics. That is also why I now have decided to again share with you (ungrateful) people.
The collage was made with picasa and the pictures are also presented - side by side - on my homepage. Click on "photos" and "Tema".


Catalina Velasquez said...

I love all your pictures K, and I never get bored of looking at them. I will always remember the advice you gave the kid in your host family while we were GRSP students "always take a picture when someone is in it"...that's what I love about your pictures, they always tell a story of someone.

Ingrid said...

So exciting to follow your movements on this beautiful continent... Love always/ma

Katrin said...

kajsa! vackra du! tryggt att veta att nar man saknar dig som allra mest kan man bara ga in pa din blogg och ta en titt pa ditt soliga ansikte.
kommer snart.
kusin k

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