Here we go! I'm opening up the shop again to share my life with you invisibles out there in the virtual world. Once again, the reason is travellning outside of Sweden. This time I go to West Africa and Ghana and the town of Tema, close to the capital Accra. I'll be working and moving in with my boyfriend. To keep you all coming back here, I will tell you some interesting facts that form the background of my experience:

1. We will be living with my boyfriend's mother
2. There is an energy crisis in Ghana with much limited power (hope the Internet cafés work!)
3.This is my first expericence of living in a developing country, and I am moving there indefinetely...

...and right now my traveler's fever is haunting me. Did I remember to go to the bank? Send that form? Invite my friend Kerstin over? Did I pack my books? Send that email to Mr Rispoli?

I know what I did remember. Starting up my blog.


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