Sunday - a day for rest?

When a young girl in Sweden, I remember that all stores closed in the early afternoon on Saturdays. Errends had to be taken care of during the week or in the morning hours of that day. Now all that has changed, most stores are open late on Saturdays and on Sundays and with the malls one can do shopping also in the evenings.

Here in France, shops are still closed on Sundays and it has an interesting effect on the French way of life. A sense of tranquility spreads. Sundays are for pure joy and relaxing, going to the park or visiting friends.

Normally, I am not the person advocating for time to be tuned back (nor using biblical headings). But is it really a good idea to have access to shoppning every day? What weekday is for relaxing and going to the park in Sweden?


Johan A said...

Hej Kajsa, tänk att man måste blogga själv för att tillåtas kommentera andra bloggare.. Gjorde mycket riktigt en liten men plikttrogen reflektion. Och jovars; det verkar nog så trevligt i Paris. Avundsjuk skall ingen vara, men man borde nog åka dit en vacker dag ändå. Längesen vi sågs förresten! vh Johan A

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