Alternative Sight-seeing

This weekend, my siblings came for a visit. We had some great moments in the chilly Paris springtime. My sister and two brothers turned out to be real experts on what I'd like to call "alternative sight-seeing" which they performed energetically, especially after noon. This means that conventional sights, like the Louvre or the Sacre Coeur Cathedral, was of little or no interest, but that other - and maybe even more typical Parisian things - caught their attention. Here is a little list, to inspire future Paris-visitors.
  • Take photos of the climb up the Montmartre Butte (trees, stairs, feet - no views or towers)
  • Ordering fabulous "planches" (plates of bread, cheese and meats) to be consumed with wine
  • Looking at Roadworks (common here, always surrounded by green metal fences)
  • Playing cards in a café with a Café Crème in one hand
  • Playing cards in a bar with a happy hour drink in one hand
  • Walking around with a baguette under one arm
  • Listening to live jazz
  • Singing in phonebooths
  • Trying on sunglasses (for some reason Parisians love their shades and put them on as soon as the sun comes out - is it because they are divas?)
  • Sleeping inbetween two sheets - where is the påslakan?
  • Spending hours writing postcards that has nothing to do with Paris

I haven't had so much fun in a long time.


Peter said...

Wow, Hampus looks like a real rockstar. I bet y'all had a blast.

Kajsa said...

He is! We did!

I LUV CATS said...


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